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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mexico-Monday-Day 2

This morning, I pulled my fun loving daughter out of bed, at 6 am to meet with the hotel staff about our accommodations. I explained to the hotel manager what went on the day before and how the room just was not what I expected. I was given warm apology and within 20 minutes was given a room that was within a stones throw of the beach! In other places I have been, when you change rooms it your job to move all your belongs to the new room. Not at the Paradisus Riviera Cancun. A staff person came up to the room, grabbed our bags and we were whisked away in a mini golf cart to our new room. The new location was awesome. Large room with a couch, table to eat on and two queen beds. If I stood on the patio located on the back of the room, I could lean around the corner and see the sandy beach and ocean. The room itself came equipped with a mini bar that had water, soda pop and beer. We were given big fluffy bath robes to use and a mini spa was in our bathroom. The room also came with an ironing board, iron, and hair dryer!

Not bothering to unpack, we dumped our things in the room and headed back to the beach. This was going to be my day in the sun. But first I needed to stretch and reconnect with the majestic ocean and the white sandy beaches by a long appreciative walk of one of natures many wonders. Being around the water brings out the little girl, and I am in absolute awe of the endless waves of water. Periodically I run into the waves smiling and gleeful like when I ride on the back of the grocery cart as I go out to the parking lot. As I walk, I feel very much at peace with the world.

An hour later, I meet up with my daughter. So different this trip is. My daughter is out catching up with the world of 20 something's and me, who is usually the one out there meeting new people and establishing new relationships is either walking the length of the beach, splashing in water that reflects like a mirror or laying by the pool enjoying a pina coloda or an ice cold bottle of water. Around 5 pm, my Spanish male friends show up. This time MIKEL, translates that his newly wedded wife speaks English and will be there shortly. A few minutes later, just as he promised, Raquel walks up.

Raquel is great! She scolds the boys and translates all the crazy Spanish drinking songs they sing. This of course, calls for more drinks and picture taking. We part after a while with the promise of meeting up and going to the disco-tech. First though, a nice dinner is in order at the Reef Grill. This delightful ocean front restaurant serves BEEF FILET 8 oz., RIB EYE 10 oz., T-BONE STEAK 12 oz., ARRACHERA 8 oz. ,PRIME RIB 12 oz. PORK, RIBS 8 oz.,SURF AND TURF BROCHETTE beef filet and shrimps, HALF CHICKEN, FISH FILET fresh catch of the day. Lobster can be bought for an extra cost. The rest, however, is part of the all inclusive deal and does not cost extra. The wait is staff is the best. Service is prompt and always served with a smile. After some picture taking of the staff, my daughter and I head to the disco-tec. Off she goes with her new found friends while I am beckoned to come join the team of Spaniards in a game that resembles Jeopardy. They have this idea that I am going to be an asset....not..we lose. We then find out the disco tec is still not open. Disappointment! We had been told it would be a karaoke type of disco tec. I can't sing but enjoy watching others and love dancing. So, I hang out at the bar with Raquel. She tells the bartender he must make her an unusual drink. He does this and calls it a Raquel special. She decided there must be a special Sandy drink...Special Sandy is not near as good as special Raquel. I find out from Raquel that her newly wed husband works at a car factory in Spain. Before they came to Mexico they went to NYC where Mikel, took pictures of every kind of car and vehicle he saw including the garbage trucks! He was just so fascinated by it all. After many more laughs and pictures, its time to say Bueno noches.

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