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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Continued- Day 2 Mexico

As you leave the airport to go outside, there are many Mexican attendants that will offer to help you with your bag. If you are on a limited budge, a smile and a polite no thank you, I can get my own bags is ok. Otherwise, these attendants will happily assist you for a tip.

After a 10-15 minute wait, our van pulled up and we were on our way. Our stop turned out to be the first one. I would have to say we were about 20 minutes away from Cancun. As soon, as we arrived, the Mexican attendants were out there helping us with our bags. Since I have been to Mexico many times and stayed at resorts such as the Riu', I was pretty immune to the expansive lobby and marble floors. My daughter, however, who had only gone with me once to Mazatlan and a 2 star resort had a look of absolute amazement on her face!

Checking in was a little rough. Our room was suppose to be garden view and it overlooked the jungle and tennis court. The refrigerator was not stocked with the appropriate drinks, the room key didn't work, and we never got our inclusive wrist bands that allowed us to eat and drink however much we wanted. We did get everything straightened out that day except being in the right room. As much as I tried to get this straightened out it wasn't working as Andre' said the resort rooms were full and he could not move us. He did tell me to come to the desk first thing on Monday morning and most likely could get moved. As, I mentioned, I have been to Mexico many times, and knew he was not putting me off. Mexico does not function well on Sunday as it is family day. I also, didn't know it till the next day, but Andre' was not only a new staff person but had been a lawyer until the swine flu hit Mexico.

After getting settled in our temporary room, my daughter and I dressed for the beach. Our room was at the front of the resort. On our way to the beach we walked down some open hallways that had pools of water on both sides. Water always makes me feel at peace so I liked this a lot. The resort itself, has marble floors, table size plants and bouquets of flowers every where. We get to the pool area and it is shimmering blue. The pool has a swim up bar, as well as a beach bar. We grabbed a drink, and off to the beach we went. Ahhh, the always excites me to be at the ocean. the water in front of our resort was clear enough to see my feet....and warm...I should have born a fish! After we splashed around in the water, we met some Spaniards direct from Spain. They had met up with a Mexican hotel vendor who happily translated Spanish for us and after some discussion, thought we might meet up later at the disco-Tec.

Dinner consisted of a buffet the first night at Caribbean Marketplace. Amazing amount of food to choose from. Anything from traditional Mexican food to spaghetti. I choose the Mexican food as I can get spaghetti at home. There is, of course a sumptuous buffet of international cuisine to chose from but I am in Mexico. therefore, must have their food and fresh fish. I also must try a desert. I am always shocked when I try something that looks yummy sweet turns out to be more flat! How do they do that?

After dinner we go search out the disco tech. To our disappointment it is closed. But nerveless, we meet some new people from Canada. Our Spanish friends did not show up. After a few hours, I leave for bed. My daughter being 24, stays and hangs out with the people her age. I, am a little disappointed in not finding a new friend on my first night. But there is always tomorrow!

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