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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Goodbye Mexico, Hello Colorado

This morning brings mixed emotions. Excited to be going home and see the special people in my life, but sad to leave the majestic Caribbean water. I take one last walk on the beach where I meet some people who used to live in Russia. Since I have gone to Russia twice on mission trips, we have a lively disscusion on Russian politics, the beauty in Russia and how it differs from the USA. Then, its back to the room to pack and one last breakfast in the dining room. The servers there look sad to see us go. Their parting words are, "Come back and see us soon." After capturing many photo memories, we go back one last time to the room to gather up our suitcases before we start our trip home. On our way to the lobby, I run into our friends from Spain. This of course turns into another photo session, along with sharing of email and facebook addresses. Before, I know it, we need to leave for the airport. Once there, I am surprised at how fast the line to check in goes. I have horrible memmories of standing for what seemed like forever at the Cancun Airport waiting to check in for a flight home. After check in, we go to the terminal area and check out the duty free shops. Nothing seems appealing except for the resturant that is offering what like quart size margarita. We consider getting one but they are $12.00 and all the pesos have been spent. So, no marg. At 5 pm, we are in the air and on our way home. The flight home has a few issues. First, Tammi had bought candles with oil in them at the airport in Cancun. She makes it on the plane with them but finds out in Dallas she will either have to throw them away or check another bag in. She decides she does not want to throw them away so off she goes to baggage to take care of the situation. This leaves us barely enough time to catch our flight to Denver. Running and gasping for air, we make it to the plane just as they are boarding. The flight from Dallas to Denver is a little bumpy as we are coming in before a storm. The captain warns everyone that it might be rough. It actually turns out better than expected. Denver International Airport,(DIA), is pretty empty. This makes for a short wait to get a shuttle back to USA Parking.

I use my King Super card at USA parking to get a $1.00 off each day that I was gone. I also hand them my parking punch card which once it is filled allows me to get a freebie parking the next time I use it. Finally, at midnight,I arrive home to two attention needing cats and my dog, Ginger.

Note, the resort we stayed at charged $10.00 an hour to use the internet or $80.00 for five days. I lucked out when as the hotel manger gave it to me free since the arrangements for my stay were mixed up. I therefore, should have had this blog done in Mexico...but, when in Mexico, its hard not to subscribe to just having fun!

Sandy Tanner
Family Travel Consultant/Affiliated with All Inclusive Vacations
"All the World is a book, those who do not travel read only a page." St. Augustine

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